Search Engine Optimisation for top ranking on search results For any business to succeed, top search engine ranking is a must. At Creative Junkyard, we believe in business of making websites make money. We work to increase the traffic to your website and we take your website at the top of search engine rankings. Our team work towards making your websites content enriched and search-engine friendly. Our work makes sure that your website stays in the top ten ranking of the search engine.

In order to enhance and expand your business VHM Web solutions is the best choice. We not only help your company to expand but also help in forming the relations with your clients for years.  We are the combination of world-class end-to-end solutions with a competitive prices and most agile response to the client’s needs.

  • Our methodology on Search Engine Optimisation:
  • Comprehensive Research on the keyword and key phrases
  • Market study on competitors' Website
  • Content Optimisation
  • Insertion of meta tags and keywords
  • Advance site optimisation like alt tag at images, textual links, etc.
  • Submission on relevant search engines
  • Reciprocal link campaigning
  • Comprehensive report on the search submission with search engine rank for 6 months
  • Re-submission every 3 month.

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